The Ancient Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, Song of God

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This page describes the philosophy of bhagavata and the bhagavad-gita: a concept having historical value dating from ancient India. This faith is very obscure and very difficult to be practised, and its chief feature is cessation from all kinds of injury. It is further known that it had at least four or five different schools or variant forms, viz.

They also repaired or constructed temples and images for their living, and were therefore regarded as outcasts. But its difference from the Vedic path is well known.

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It is revered as a sacred scripture of Hinduism ,[1][2] and considered as one of the most important philosophical classics of the world. The content of the Gita is the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna taking place on the battlefield before the start of the Kurukshetra war. Responding to Arjuna’s confusion and moral dilemma , Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as a warrior and prince and elaborates on different Yogic [5] and Vedantic philosophies, with examples and analogies.

This has led to the Gita often being described as a concise guide to Hindu theology and also as a practical , self-contained guide to life. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes it as a lighthouse of eternal wisdom that has the ability to inspire any man or woman to supreme accomplishment and enlightenment. The Bhagavad Gita occurs in the Bhishma Parva of the Mahabharata and comprises 18 chapters from the 25th through 42nd and consists of verses.

Although the original date of composition of the Bhagavad Gita is not clear, its teachings are considered timeless and the exact time of revelation of the scripture is considered of little spiritual significance by scholars like Bansi Pandit , and Juan Mascaro. The main theme of the Mahabharata is the exploits of two families of royal cousins, known as the Pandavas and the Kauravas , who were the sons of two brothers, Pandu and Dhritarashtra, respectively.

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The blind king Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya , who has the ability to see all, to tell him about the battle between his family and the Pandavas. The Pandavas include Arjuna and his brothers, who have come to take back the kingdom from Dhritarashtra, who means to bequeath it to his son Duryodhana , even though the crown rightfully belongs to Arjuna’s brother Yudhishthira. Prince Duroydhana, considered the nemesis for our protagonist Arjuna, approaches his teacher Drona , and lists out the key members of each side.

He notes that his own army is unlimited, while the Pandavas is small. Each side blows their divine conchs, signaling the war is about to begin.

Here is an extract of the Bhagavad-Gita. The context: Arjuna is a mighty warrior who is travelling in a chariot with Krishna. On both sides of the.

Now based on the internal evidence which abounds in The Mahabharata and external references to the Mahabharata fix the date somewhere between. External Evidence based on references to Mahabharata by other Works. It describes a period of draught, with many planetary positions. Then there is this clear reference to pair of eclipses occurring on 13th day as shown below.

Lunar eclipse followed by solar eclipse on thirteenth day is in a single lunar month etc…. This reference to Thirteen day eclipse pair appears to be a unique astronomical observation. Analysis of the time between successive eclipses, specifically time between end of one and beginning of other has been made, with a view to look at astronomical feasibility of back-to-back eclipses in 13 days, using modern astronomical computer software.

Another major issue of how did observers of the period define and determine period between eclipses when no clocks existed, has been addressed. There are about lunar eclipses per century. Lunar eclipses can occur only at full moon, and can be either total or partial. Further they can be umbral and or penumbral. Total lunar eclipses can last up to 2 hours, while partial lunar eclipses can last up to 4 hours.

Any observer on dark face of earth can see when lunar eclipse when it occurs. During period BC to BC , nearly lunar eclipses have probably occurred.

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The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important religious texts in Hinduism as well as one of the most seminal religious texts in the world, alongside the Bible , the Quran , the Torah and the Ramayana. It is framed around a conversation between Krishna and a warrior right before a major battle. It is traditionally believed to be a record of what was apparently a very productive conversation.

the sage in this is not deluded. — Chapter 2, verse The Bhagavad Gita (​Sanskrit in Devanagari script: भगवद्गीता, in transliteration: Bhagavad Gītā) is.

Bhagavad Gita wrote a commentary on the Gita as Gitartha-Samgraha, which has survived into the modern era. Bhagavad Gita calls the Gita as “an epitome of the essentials of the whole Vedic teaching”. Many of these commentators state that the Bhagavad Gita is “meant to be a moksa-shastra, and not a dharmasastra, an arthasastra or a kamasastra”, states Sharma. Bhagavad Gita is referred to in the Brahma Sutras, and numerous scholars including Shankara, Bhaskara, Abhinavagupta of Shaivism tradition, Ramanuja and Madhvacharya wrote commentaries on it.

Bhagavad Gita considers the world to be transient, all bodies and matter as impermanent. Bhagavad Gita adopts the Upanishadic concept of Absolute Reality , a shift from the earlier ritual-driven Vedic religion to one abstracting and internalizing spiritual experiences. Bhagavad Gita wonders if fighting the war is “not so important after all” given Krishna ‘s overview on the pursuit of spiritual wisdom.

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Most Hindu texts discuss yoga as a practice to control the senses and ultimately, the mind. To truly be a yoga practitioner, follow a life style with non-violence, truthfulness, ethical conduct,contentment,self study, and divinity. Having the mind actively focused upon a single point, with thought and sense activity controlled,. Yet, though the yogas are described as four distinct paths, they are all ultimately interdependent, and with the full practice of one, comes the inclusion of the remaining three.

Most importantly, the Bhagavad Gita makes clears that regardless of which path one embarks upon, yoga is an individual journey that requires lifelong dedication, consistent practice, and devotion to God.

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The Gita is set in a narrative framework of a dialogue between Pandava prince Arjuna and his guide and charioteer Lord Krishna. Facing the duty as a warrior to fight the Dharma Yudhha or righteous war between Pandavas and Kauravas, Arjuna is counselled by Lord Krishna to “fulfill his Kshatriya warrior duty as a warrior and establish Dharma. The Bhagavad Gita presents a synthesis [6] [7] of the concept of Dharma , [6] [7] [8] theistic bhakti , [9] [8] the yogic ideals [7] of moksha [7] through jnana , bhakti , karma , and Raja Yoga spoken of in the 6th chapter [10] and Samkhya philosophy.

Numerous commentaries have been written on the Bhagavad Gita with widely differing views on the essentials. Vedanta commentators read varying relations between Self and Brahman in the text: Advaita Vedanta sees the non-dualism of Atman soul and Brahman as its essence, [11] whereas Bhedabheda and Vishishtadvaita see Atman and Brahman as both different and non-different, and Dvaita sees them as different.

The setting of the Gita in a battlefield has been interpreted as an allegory for the ethical and moral struggles of the human life. Mahatma Gandhi referred to the Gita as his “spiritual dictionary”. The epic Mahabharata is traditionally ascribed to the Sage Vyasa ; the Bhagavad Gita , being a part of the Mahabharata’ s Bhishma Parva , is also ascribed to him. Theories on the date of composition of the Gita vary considerably. Scholars accept dates from the fifth century to the second century BCE as the probable range.

Professor Jeaneane Fowler, in her commentary on the Gita , considers second century BCE to be the likely date of composition. It is generally agreed that, “Unlike the Vedas, which have to be preserved letter-perfect, the Gita was a popular work whose reciters would inevitably conform to changes in language and style”, so the earliest “surviving” components of this dynamic text are believed to be no older than the earliest “external” references we have to the Mahabharata epic, which may include an allusion in Panini’s fourth century BCE grammar.

It is estimated that the text probably reached something of a “final form” by the early Gupta period about the 4th century CE. The actual dates of composition of the Gita remain unresolved.

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By Tirisilex , November 8, in Spiritual Discussions. I’ve read from 3 different sources and each gives a diff date.. When did Kaliyuga start? This is the basis for different dates. The common belief in India is Kaliyuga started years ago It is important to note that the year calculation is not found in scriptures. I never heard of the BC date before.

PDF | The part ‘Dating the Bhagavadgita’ reviews the date of Buddha’s Minor, Robert N., “Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita,” in: Bryant, Edwin F.

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat attended a meeting organised by the Jiyo Gita Parivar and other Hindu religious groups last week that said the Gita was composed 5, years ago, but the history wing of the RSS pegs the age of the sacred text two years later at 5, years. Swaraj attended the closing session on Sunday and called for the Gita to be named the national book. How did the Itihas Sankalan Yojana arrive at that date?

Simple, it based its calculation on the wheel of time. The sources we have used are the Mahabharat, the Brahmavarta Purana and others. These texts also show the position of the stars grah-dashaa and we have been able to locate the exact dates based on these. Kalyuga is the last of four yugas in the Hindu concept of cyclical time. Other Hindu groups have a more bizarre explanation. Former Bajrang Dal convenor Prakash Sharma elaborates on the yugas.

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